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How to download binkw32.dll binkw64.dll bink2w32.dll bink2w64.dll files

How to Download Binkw32.dll, Binkw64.dll, Bink2w32.dll or Bink2w64.dll file and Fix Errors While Starting a Game

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Some games may fail to launch with an error message “The code execution cannot proceed because binkw32.dll was not found” or “The program can’t start because binkw32.dll is missing from your computer” depending on the Windows version installed on your computer. The specified file could be one of several files, including binkw64.dll, bink2w32.dll, or bink2w64.dll, but the error is due to the same reason in each case.

Binkw32.dll and Binkw64.dll was not found error messages

The following guide describes techniques for downloading and installing the missing file to fix the error on Windows 11, Windows 10 or 7. The manual also provides additional information that may aid in solving the issue.

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Primary Ways to Fix the Binkw32.dll, Binkw64.dll, Bink2w32.dll or Bink2w64.dll errors

The DLL files listed are various versions of the Bink Video Codec Dynamic Link Library, used in some games and other apps. If the game developer used this codec in his product, he usually includes the necessary DLLs with the installer.

If you get a message that the file was not found, you need to consider the following primary methods to fix the Binkw32.dll, Binkw64.dll, Bink2w32.dll or Bink2w64.dll errors before downloading any DLL files from third-party sites:

  1. If the game started without issues previously, it may be that the required file was deleted. Sometimes it is your antivirus software that might delete binkw32.dll or other Bink DLLs. Look into your AV log to see if the file was quarantined or removed.
  2. If you have installer files, you can look for missing DLL file within them. If it is there copy it in the folder with the game installed (sometimes in the System or Bin subfolder if the rest of the game’s DLLs are located there).
  3. If the installer is the single .exe file, you can try opening it with an archiver, 7-Zip for example and look for the DLL file there. In Microsoft games, the file may be inside a .cab file in the game's installer files.
  4. In case you’ve downloaded some non-official game “repack”, its author might not have included the necessary file. It makes sense to pick up a different version of the same game and remember that the antivirus can delete some modified files in such games.

RAD Game Tools & Bink Video Codec

Bink Video Codec is a part of RAD Game Tools. On its official website you can download RAD Video Tools. But you don’t need to do this — this will not fix the issue, which the developers themselves report on the FAQ page:

Q: Someone told me to get a new Bink DLL or to download the RAD Video Tools to get a new DLL to fix my game - why doesn't this help?

A: Because it's lousy advice. Bink DLLs are NOT replacable! If you copy a different version of the DLL onto another pre-compiled application (like a game), then you are likely to crash. The RAD Video Tools don't even have the Bink DLL built into them, so this will have absolutely no effect. Please contact your game maker for support.

Download Standalone Binkw32.dll, Binkw64.dll, Bink2w32.dll and Bink2w64.dll Files

The only official source of the Bink DLL for your game is the developer of that game. If this option is not applicable, and despite the above info, you decide to download the files, there are many sites on the Internet with DLLs that you can use at your own risk.

Using this link you can download two archives: Bink1.7z and Bink2.7z.

The first contains different versions of the binkw32.dll and binkw64.dll files. Bink2w32.dll and bink2w64.dll files can be found in the second one. These are various Bink DLL versions for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 11, Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7.

Binkw32.dll and Binkw64.dll files archive

You can open the archive with 7-Zip, extract the required version of the file, remove the version at the beginning of the file name and copy it to a folder with other DLLs in the game folder. You shouldn’t place the file in the System32 and SysWOW64 folders or try to register these DLLs with regsvr32.exe. In the latter case, you will get one of the errors:

I hope it helps you in troubleshooting the error and launching the game. Good luck!